Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jesse Watson Links and Pictures now at

I created a blogspot at   for all the links I have collected about Jesse Watson and her amazing solo circunavigation. By opening the links, a budding Jesse-o-holic can come up to speed on why this particular adventure and person are so special. If anyone has any links that are not included, feel free to send them.


  1. Hello Richard,

    Thankyou for including a link to Voyage Art on your very wonderful and informative blog. Congratulations on such a fine effort, I will definitely make regular visits from now on, with eager anticipation.

    These 3 links (below) are from Mr Peter Epepe, the one and only magnificent creator of Jessica's certificate from King Neptune when she became a Shellback.

    I'm sure these collections will be enjoyed by all following Jessica on her circumnavigation.

    Take care Richard and Cheers for now.


    Sam (samurai)

  2. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for the links! Mr Peter Epepe does beautiful work.


  3. Richard,

    I was one of those who were concerned about Jessica changing out the main, so thanks for the info about the “boom gallows.” Her team has done an incredible job of addressing every detail. Your is fantastic. I thought that I had seen everything available on the internet regarding Jessica’s voyage, but you’ve filled in a few missing links for me. And thanks, Sam, for the links to Mr. Epepe’s videos. They really are great, aren’t they?

    Take care,

  4. Mark,
    Thanks for the compliment on
    I started adding links on this blog, and then saw I should make a blog devoted just to her RTW trip. I especially like the link Tasman crossing video from last year about her mock solo. The best part is when she shows up in NZ and there is only one reporter! When he asks her why she wants to sail around the world, she says "Crazy, I spos " What a gal!